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  • Kent L., Union City

    "SunStar Energy was a pleasure to work with. They were very honest, extremely professional and their service was outstanding. SunStar Energy had my system installed and operational within a week and, whereas I used to pay approximately $200 per month for electricity, I just paid $166 for my first full year of electricity with solar power. My only regret is not having this done sooner!"
  • Clifford Beck – CNB Construction, General Contractor, Concord

    "Thank you for taking such good care of my clients. I really appreciate the fact that SunStar is watching over the photovoltaic system’s operational patterns and keeping all of us informed. Over the last eight years you have installed several solar jobs for us and I would not hesitate to have you install the next several."
  • Barbara L., South San Francisco

    "SunStar Energy put together an amazing solar energy system in our home that everyone should be using. They used their expertise and knowledge to design the perfect system for our home based on our past energy usage. They made the entire process seamless and simple. They handled the designing of the system, the installation, communication with PG&E, and all the necessary paperwork involved. All we had to do was flip a switch and watch our PG&E meter roll backwards! Our monthly electricity bill dropped from $120 to just $5, and we actually look forward to getting the PG&E bill every month!"
  • Kenneth E., Facilities Manager Lakeside Joint School District, Los Gatos

    "I would not hesitate to recommend SunStar Energy for any solar needs. SunStar completed our project from design, available funding, permitting and continued support. SunStar Energy is professional, prompt, thorough and a pleasure to work with."
  • Greg R., Watsonville

    "SunStar installed our solar system a couple of years ago. I really wish all contractors were as honest, punctual and hard working as those at SunStar. They came when they said they would. They did exactly what was contracted. Communication was easy and informative. We went from paying over $4,000 a year to PG&E to getting money back from them! What more could you ask?"
  • Ralph L., Los Gatos Mountains

    "We were happy with the entire, painless process and the trouble-free operation ever since. We knew virtually nothing about solar power systems before we found SunStar owner Rick Devlin -- one of the most capable, communicative, personable, well-informed and good-to-his-word professionals we have ever run across. At the outset SunStar took the time to calculate, explain our options, patiently entertain our dunderheaded queries and concerns. Actual roof panel installation was expertly handled, quickly and without incident. We can report to have had zero problems with our system and are daily delighted to feel like part of the sustainable and economic solution to our energy needs. We will always be grateful to SunStar for providing the superior expertise and no-drama, hands-on service to make this possible."
  • Tom M, Los Altos

    With contractors, you can get competent, and honest, but it can be hard to get both.

 I'm happy to say that the people at SunStar are both. I've worked with a number of solar companies in Silicon valley with varying degrees of success. A lot of the guys you talk to are frankly more salesman than technicians that can solve problems and optimize the installation. SunStar’s installers are very technical, and are able to understand all the issues for a particular installation solve them, and explain it all clearly. 

Their basics were also good. They got the job done quickly, the price was reasonable, and I had no problems afterwards. Over all, a great result, a great experience, and I plan to use them again.
  • Ruthi I., Morgan Hill

    "SunStar Energy cares very much about what they do and want to make sure their clients understand the process, the technology behind the product and the options available - not based on cost, but based on need. Most solar providers sell solutions that are much more than any homeowner could possibly need, and they are about closing the sale, not educating the customer. SunStar’s installers, on the other hand, have the technical expertise to determine the appropriate solution for your needs, and are very comprehensive and thorough, making sure the client is completely comfortable with the installation. They are less expensive than other solutions, because what you are getting is not "overkill." They are hands-on, service oriented, and is not about closing the deal and moving on. Hands down the best option!"