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For Your Business

We do everything, start to finish, to provide you a turnkey system that is ready to begin saving you money from your first day of production. We also work with you to maximize your electric savings by evaluating your current electric rate to determine if there is a better rate option for you. Your installation team will provide you with professional service and quality installation. Our staff can answer your questions about the system and will work with you all along the way. We’ll have a NABCAP certified, licensed and insured installer on-site for your entire installation.

Return on Investment

You're always looking for ways to cut overhead costs and save money for your business. Solar is one of the most effective ways to do that. Take a look at the savings and return on investment that solar offers businesses like yours.
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Why SunStar Energy is your company for solar electric system design and installation

SunStar Energy’s focus is on customer satisfaction and understanding your needs. We have installed complex systems that require key placements and sizing to fit with specific construction and facility specifications. Our top priority is to provide you with a well-designed system that blends with the architecture of your structure and meets your individual electricity needs in the most cost-effective manner.

SunStar Energy has experience with all types of roofing and has designed a wide range of systems, from varying sizes to structures with unique structural considerations. Each system is unique to meet the specific requirements for the site and electric generation. Read more about what makes us great at what we do and the unique services SunStar can offer your business.

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Federal Tax Incentives for Businesses

The federal government provides a 30% tax credit on the cost of the system for businesses that decide to go solar. Another incentive is the government offers is a 5 year accelerated depreciation.

These savings plus those of your reduced electric bill add up to help you cut your overhead and increase your profitability. Learn more about these tax incentives and others that your business may qualify for.

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Certified Installers

  • You can rest easy knowing that SunStar will have a NABCEP certified installer onsite throughout the installation process. This is just one of the many ways we show how committed we are to giving you the highest quality solar electric system possible.

Customer Testimonial

"Sun Star Energy delivered an installation that was thought out the best, with the best visual appeal. SunStar considered more details to produce the best result than 6 other contractors! SunStar is a gem - see them after you have the other bids you want!"

Dr. Burton E. W., Los Gatos

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