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Return on Investment Overview

Solar today is more affordable than ever. Not only are panels becoming more cost-effective, but the federal government provides a tax credit based on the cost of your system that saves you cash on your taxes.

Owning your own system brings you the greatest savings, with a significantly higher return on investment than other options such as solar power purchase or a solar lease. You can experience returns on your investment of up to 30% per year over the life of your system. Where can you see those types of returns today?

Overview of Savings

There are many factors that help you save money with solar. Here's a breakdown of why solar is such an attractive investment.

  • Reduce electric bill by target of 80%
  • Increase in home value
  • Tax credit for 30% of cost of system
  • Locked-in energy costs
  • 25+ year system life

Read on to get the full explanation of these points and the ROI you can expect from your system.

Electric Bill Savings

Owning a photovoltaic system allows you to produce your own electricity, reducing your reliance on PG&E and cutting your overall energy costs. Additionally, you won’t be affected by the continuing increases in the cost of electricity from your public utility.

Our customers experience at minimum, a 50% savings on their electric bill, and most experience over 80%.

To get a better idea of the savings you could expect, compare your bill to some example customers.

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Tax Incentives

The federal government provides tax incentives for homeowners that decide to go solar. These incentives help make solar an even more attractive investment and save you even more money on day one.

You will receive a 30% federal tax credit for your Photovoltaic system. So for example on a $20,000 gross system cost, you get a $6,000 tax credit, making net cost $14,000. The credit can be carried into following years if needed. Alternative Minimum Tax does not affect this credit. Additionally, California State law prohibits a property tax increase for adding a PV system, so your property value increases with a SunStar system without increasing your tax burden.

Read more about the savings you can have with federal tax incentives.

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Lock in Energy Rates

If you have an electricity bill of $250 / month now, you are paying $3,000 / year for electricity. That $3,000 is gone at the end of the year, it is not an investment. Even with no rate electric rate increases over the next 30 years, which is the expected life of a solar PV system, you will have paid $90,000 for electricity.

But electric rates continue to rise each year. PG&E rates have gone up an average of 6.7%/year over the last 30 years. And with oil and gas supplies diminishing and demand increasing due to industrialization in China and India, rates will continue to rise. So over the 25+ year expected life of your solar photovoltaic system, your savings will only increase.

Lasting Home Investment

Solar provides significant savings on your electric bill, and reduces the overall energy costs of your house. If you look to sell your house, a SunStar photovoltaic system increases the value of your house as the future owners will experience the same energy savings as you.

A SunStar photovoltaic system has a life span of 25+ years, ensuring you experience returns on your investment throughout that entire period.

Now that you know a little about how much solar can save you, get a free site evaluation for a proposed system design and financial analysis.
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Customer Testimonial

We've been saving our customers money for over 12 years. Hear what they have to say about their savings.

"I used to pay approximately $200 per month for electricity, I just paid $166 for my first full year of electricity with my SunStar system. My only regret is not having this done sooner!" - Barbara L., South San Francisco

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