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SunStar Solar Loans

SunStar offers loans to help cover the cost of your system. We work with trusted partners to provide loans for as little as a 2 year term to as much as a 30 year term with rates ranging from 2% on up depending on the terms of the loan.In most cases, we will be able to work with the client to find a solution to meet their financial needs. We can also recommend local banks and credit unions which offer solar loans.

A free site evaluation is the quickest and easiest way to get the information you're looking for and requires no obligation or risk on your part. We will provide a system design, cost and financial analysis which can include a solar loan.

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Our Financial Partners

We partner with trusted financial groups to provide you with low interest loans for solar. Our commercial financing partners are:

For more information about our partners contact us or visit our partners' websites.

Return on Investment

Homeowners can cut their reliance on expensive energy through PG&E and start saving with solar. Find out more about the savings you can expect with a SunStar photovoltaic system.
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Tax Incentives

Federal tax incentives pay for 30% of the cost of your system. Learn more about these incentives that help homeowners save on their electricity bills.
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Compare your bill

Wondering how much solar can save you? Compare your electric bill to some example customers and estimate your savings.
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